President Buhari who returned from his UK medical vacation last Friday, will resume work today March 13th. According to Femi Adesina, Buhari will today transmit a letter to the Senate and House of Reps members, officially informing them of his return and his resumption of duties as President.

Meanwhile there are speculations that a major cabinet reshuffle is expected to occur this week. although the presidency is yet to confirm this.
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Happy birthday to Priscilla Ojo as she turns 16,hmmm!Big girl!!




Kim K’s boobs and butt is not as big at it used to be,some thinks she had a boobs and butt reduction Surgery,hmmm,True??

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A day with Valentino #THEPALMSMALLILORIN #AYANFE “…. with some valentinas forming accents like deluded BBN Gifty”

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 The city call Ilorin will always be in the news,if not for the saraki family siphoning all the state funds..it will be about the interesting pictures that come with festive period,that shows the over populated shoprite so i’ve decided in my astute kindness to write about the invent that occurred on valentine’s day,i mean the invent that occurred in the main center of relaxation and amusement in Ilorin..
The Palms Mall Since I’m a student of unilorin,bred up in south west,the way and manner celebration is being handle in Ilorin will always be a narrative ordeal..I stepped into my underrated “Kd” sprinkled it with my versatile crazy jeans,crown it with a sky blue round neck. put on my brown customized Rewatch and my registered hand chain, that should make me a candidate for a prospective valentino..but not a center of attraction to a valentinaIt all started with a “kwara poly” looking valentina..she was selectively dressed,hugged with a gown that appreciated her body,her light skinned matched the white attire..she was simply amazing..anyway she dropped off from the bike and took a measured step to the over populated shoprite,since her dressing was inviting,i had no choice than to pursue ,wanted to know the person she was there to meet…she just went in like she was programmed..
Well,I had to go outside,before I die of suffocating perfume,from the crowd that storm the place,so I stepped out for fresh air..so I snooped around,activated my “amebo” gene next on line was a typical 100L. Unilorin. Undergraduate with their best attire and their light make-up…anyway they were also present and they were just circling around with no definite destination..forming accent like a deluded “gifty”
Another pack came striding along,they belong to “my boyfriend is in lagos pack” the always chatting and forming laughter set..asking repeated questions why people are so many and gisting about how an average ilorin Indigene is so local that they should be happy they came to liberate them ,what I don’t understand was that why they were also in palms mall @ that hour..oh they just need to chill out..the truth about this pack is that,they belong to the social media army, the twitter,snap chat and the instagram and they were only there for the pictures,not to be too nosy…let just accept that they have an actual life and their boyfriends is in lagos,not a social media celebrity 
Here comes the men are scum gang,the I’m independent and no man can take me for granted gang,they believe in self happiness,so they don’t need men in their life,the pitiful look they give the younger ones say a lot and the fact they are not in their room also say a lot about their “independent” they were also looking good anyway..but I cannot ascertain the fact that they were enjoying themselves..though they look like..
The married gang,their lovely attire says a lot about them,the love in the air and the respect they command from observers like us says a lot..well I was given a camera by a family to take a memorable picture,even though the battery was low I took that with a lot of vigour..
Now the love birds gang,they look so real everything was just natural,starting from young couple to unmarried couple,anyways the sight was lovely and could make a single girl jealous..a whole lot..most of them were on arsenal and manchester united jersey..make me realise the reason why we have more females as supporters in those clubs 
We have the beggers gang and the “I’m stranded gang” ,the “bros I need tfare” or please can you help me with. Your phone or the well dressed self made seers and clerics who see beyond the ordinary and tell you grim things about your future…
We have the “untamed”gang starting from the observers to the hypocritical gang who send bc’s to you on whatsapp on how evil and un religious valentine is but see them all dressed in red and white..or they must be using Evil.”drive out “evil..” the “movie gang” is always the most disturbing gang,they were unnecessary loud they discussed season movie with candour and also involve in fashion police with vigor..they are the ones who spot fake wears who complain about everything,who see the negative in every dressing..though they are all on palm slippers and short..according to them they are gorgeously dressed..we move to the angry ones,they are well dressed,looking jollof rice most with an appealing red shoe..but you will never know why they are angry…they are. just angry,bitter about the crowd..arguing with their date or complaining about every passer by way of dressing…
And what do I stand to gain ,I’m just a sympathetic Nigerian who appreciate celebration of love to the gene..this is my own way of celebrating love,in all retrospect I think I had a nice day..all the observing/detective job was worth it 

A day with Valentino



Fire broke out yesterday 2nd February at the University of ilorin Library,The student union confirmed that the fire was caused by a circuit failure which led to an electric spark in the library causing a little commotion but there should not be no cause for alarm has everything is back to normal now
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As Forte-lewis continues an unbeaten run after breaking Skillz fc unbeaten run in the beginning of the 2nd leg last Saturday,An interview with the Head Coach of Forte-lewis FC is Paramount,Read and Enjoy

Can we meet you?

My name is Hammed, and I’m forte lewis coach

How’s the league so far?

The league is graduating into a particular standard,becoming more competitive..the last 2 weeks came with challenging result and hopeful result,especially for teams in the bottom half

Forte lewis plays the best football in the league arguably?Correct?

We are the most organised team in the league,we play a kind of balanced football we have a sound philosophy,we are the only team with a stable striker

What are the challenges so far in the league

Our main challenge has been the officiating,the officiating in the league is too inappropriate..the conformity and the organisations in the league are below par..but I know there is gonna be an improvemement as time goes on

What re the expectations

Expectation is to win every match,the three point is so important to everyone

A lot of fans are often discouraged by the fact that some teams in the league plays less interesting football and are way above forte-lewis on the league table!How re you working to overtake these clubs considering that 2nd leg already began?

Thats an important one..the two main concept in footballing is Efficacy and aesthetics..most teams. Above forte lewis..focused on efficacy 100%..and they re enjoying the glory,but will it last? We are trying to shape our team into perfection..we are striking the balance between efficacy and aesthetics..at the end of the day we will triumph
How does it feels managing a club like forte-lewis

Well,I’m honoured..because it is an opportunity to practicalise my imaginations,and you know sometimes imaginations. Could be your inspirations..in a nut shell I’m honoured
How will you rate forte lewis style of play on a scale of 10

We don’t have a style of play,so it is not be rated by anyone..even me
What re we your fans to look out for?

They should look out for an unbeaten run..
How do you joggle football and studies considering you guys re Students of the mighty Colege of health sciences

We try to take it simple,do the necessary things and focused on the most important s stuffs.m.live is all about that..and remember time will always be enough for anyone who use it wisely
People say you are an Authoritarian,and you can forcibly be authoritative,how true is that?

Football is hierarchical,you have to take decisions people won’t like and when u take these decisions,peoople tend to see the negativity over the positivity

There are some rumors about you lacking good managerial skills,how will you rate your coach player relationship

Thats football,i’ve been dissected by football surgeon in every department,taken to OR my student doctors who believe I’m sick in every dispositions..but that’s cool by me

A lot will ask what the meaning of forte lewis is,So many are already confused!

Forte-lewis FC,got his name from a “forte”the psychology behind that name is the defensive and the dominating mentality of that forte which is need in any football team

Any words of apreciation to Individuals in or out of the Club?

Firstly,Is to a Player of Forte-lewis,Isaiah who supported the purchasing of the form,Secondly is to the Club Secretary and the Physiotherapists who have being supportive physically and Mentally,A special one for the Assistant Coach,Pastae Who has always supported,to the Captain for his Cute organisation and maturity and to every Player of the Club.This wont be possible without you,i say a very big THANK YOU!!

Thanks for having us Coach Hammed!We appreciate

Watch out for more exclusive interviews with the Striker with the Highest Goal in the league and a forte lewis player too,Skillz,other coaches of leading clubs on the league and some reputable forte-lewis players!!

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Few thousands of Unilorin new students who have not been cleared but have paid a sum of #20000 acceptance fee came out today 23rd of January to protest with different placards shouting “please clear us”…..protest in the University of Ilorin isnt really rampant as any complaints or information which needed passing had been stated to be in written words and be peacefully passed to the student affiars or other concerned or relevant bodies in the School..this action is one in recent times,photos below

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The Most Anticipated Album of the last quarter of this year apart from Vector’s Lafiaji Album is no doubt “The Glory”…..its finally available,Get a copy,if you cant buy!Download now and listen,i mean LISTEN!!!Share and drop your comments please.Click below to download full album