BREAKING NEWS:Dr Ajiboye must be relieved of his duties;SU release a list of demands

Posted: March 14, 2017 in UIL





The University of Ilorin Students Union is making the following demands from Dr Ajiboye for slapping the Students Union president, Comrade sobowale lukman olawale yesterday. From a reliable source,we got the following:

It is on this note that we stand in solidarity with our president and make the following demands

1. Dr. Ajiboye be relieved of his duties 24 hours from the submission
of our official report
2. Dr. Ajiboye must make a public apology to the President Com.
Shobowale lukman within 24 hours of this release
3.In the same vein, he must also apologize to the entire
students of this university whose sensibilities have been offended
4.      Must be declared a persona non grata at any examination venue until
further notice
5.      He must be relieved of his duties as sub dean of faculty of
Engineering with immediate effect.

Conclusively, we appreciate the gallantry, show of solidarity and
empathy that we have received from our students, we therefore wish to
appeal for calm amongst our students not to go on rampage but to
remain calm as the situation is under control.
Our promise is that if Dr. Ajiboye is not brought to book, we would
take the book to him!

….we will like to hear from you,drop your comments please


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