Posted: February 15, 2017 in Lifestyle, UIL

A day with Valentino #THEPALMSMALLILORIN #AYANFE “…. with some valentinas forming accents like deluded BBN Gifty”

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 The city call Ilorin will always be in the news,if not for the saraki family siphoning all the state funds..it will be about the interesting pictures that come with festive period,that shows the over populated shoprite so i’ve decided in my astute kindness to write about the invent that occurred on valentine’s day,i mean the invent that occurred in the main center of relaxation and amusement in Ilorin..
The Palms Mall Since I’m a student of unilorin,bred up in south west,the way and manner celebration is being handle in Ilorin will always be a narrative ordeal..I stepped into my underrated “Kd” sprinkled it with my versatile crazy jeans,crown it with a sky blue round neck. put on my brown customized Rewatch and my registered hand chain, that should make me a candidate for a prospective valentino..but not a center of attraction to a valentinaIt all started with a “kwara poly” looking valentina..she was selectively dressed,hugged with a gown that appreciated her body,her light skinned matched the white attire..she was simply amazing..anyway she dropped off from the bike and took a measured step to the over populated shoprite,since her dressing was inviting,i had no choice than to pursue ,wanted to know the person she was there to meet…she just went in like she was programmed..
Well,I had to go outside,before I die of suffocating perfume,from the crowd that storm the place,so I stepped out for fresh air..so I snooped around,activated my “amebo” gene next on line was a typical 100L. Unilorin. Undergraduate with their best attire and their light make-up…anyway they were also present and they were just circling around with no definite destination..forming accent like a deluded “gifty”
Another pack came striding along,they belong to “my boyfriend is in lagos pack” the always chatting and forming laughter set..asking repeated questions why people are so many and gisting about how an average ilorin Indigene is so local that they should be happy they came to liberate them ,what I don’t understand was that why they were also in palms mall @ that hour..oh they just need to chill out..the truth about this pack is that,they belong to the social media army, the twitter,snap chat and the instagram and they were only there for the pictures,not to be too nosy…let just accept that they have an actual life and their boyfriends is in lagos,not a social media celebrity 
Here comes the men are scum gang,the I’m independent and no man can take me for granted gang,they believe in self happiness,so they don’t need men in their life,the pitiful look they give the younger ones say a lot and the fact they are not in their room also say a lot about their “independent” they were also looking good anyway..but I cannot ascertain the fact that they were enjoying themselves..though they look like..
The married gang,their lovely attire says a lot about them,the love in the air and the respect they command from observers like us says a lot..well I was given a camera by a family to take a memorable picture,even though the battery was low I took that with a lot of vigour..
Now the love birds gang,they look so real everything was just natural,starting from young couple to unmarried couple,anyways the sight was lovely and could make a single girl jealous..a whole lot..most of them were on arsenal and manchester united jersey..make me realise the reason why we have more females as supporters in those clubs 
We have the beggers gang and the “I’m stranded gang” ,the “bros I need tfare” or please can you help me with. Your phone or the well dressed self made seers and clerics who see beyond the ordinary and tell you grim things about your future…
We have the “untamed”gang starting from the observers to the hypocritical gang who send bc’s to you on whatsapp on how evil and un religious valentine is but see them all dressed in red and white..or they must be using Evil.”drive out “evil..” the “movie gang” is always the most disturbing gang,they were unnecessary loud they discussed season movie with candour and also involve in fashion police with vigor..they are the ones who spot fake wears who complain about everything,who see the negative in every dressing..though they are all on palm slippers and short..according to them they are gorgeously dressed..we move to the angry ones,they are well dressed,looking jollof rice most with an appealing red shoe..but you will never know why they are angry…they are. just angry,bitter about the crowd..arguing with their date or complaining about every passer by way of dressing…
And what do I stand to gain ,I’m just a sympathetic Nigerian who appreciate celebration of love to the gene..this is my own way of celebrating love,in all retrospect I think I had a nice day..all the observing/detective job was worth it 

A day with Valentino




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