54 year old Mum looks like her 22 year old Son Girlfriend

Posted: October 18, 2016 in Entertainment


A YOUTHFUL 54-year-old mum has revealed that she looks so sprightly that her son sometimes gets mistaken for her BOYFRIEND.

Fresh-faced Pamela Jay could pass for a woman more than half her age – which has led to strangers assuming her and her 22-year-old son are a couple.

Pamela, from Yorkshire , also has a strict beauty routine and a host of lotions, potions and vitamins that help maintain her youthful glow.

She wakes up at six o’clock every morning to a black coffee mixed with a spoonful of coconut oil, before showering, using top-of-the-range beauty products and preparing a healthy breakfast of organic eggs and gluten free toast.

Some evenings it can take Pamela an hour to get ready for bed – with a routine that involves body brushing, showering, exfoliating and moisturising with coconut oil.

Pamela Jay, 54, says her

Pamela Jay, 54, says her clear, bright skin and luscious locks are down to a strict beauty routine

Pamela, who works as a civil servant, said: “People often think I’m lying when they find out my age – sometimes people are so stunned I almost have get out my ID to prove it to them

“Sometimes even I look in the mirror and can’t believe I’m 54!

“I’m not sure I look like I’m in my 20s – although people do say that to me – but I feel like I could pass for mid to late 30s, and that’s how I feel energy-wise.

“My son and I went to view a property recently, and were asked if we were a couple – when I said he was my son, the estate agent went bright red and looked really embarrassed.

“He always jokes to me, ‘mum either I look really old, or you look really young!’

“I don’t think we act like a couple – it’s not like we go around holding hands!

“I usually have organic eggs and gluten free toast for breakfast, with a glass of coconut water and added liquid iron, then prepare a fresh salad for lunch every day.

As well as her strict beauty routine, Pamela is also very careful about what she eats

As well as her strict beauty routine, Pamela is also very careful about what she eats, which is what keeps her figure looking like it did when she was in her 20s

“I avoid too much sugar, or wheat products which can cause bloating.

“I use a lot of spices in my cooking like ginger, cumin and turmeric, which can act a bit like food supplements.

“Dinner is normally something along the lines of oily fish, or organic chicken or steak, served with tonnes of vegetables.

“I try to follow an 80/20 rule – I’m strict with myself 80 per cent of the time, but I’ll allow myself the occasional pudding or square of organic dark chocolate if I feel like it.”

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