Love for Medicine: Medical Students ready to lose virginity for Medicine as auction reaches $800,000

Posted: September 29, 2016 in Medicine



Ariana has fondly called,20 Russian,recently auctioned her virginity starting from £130,500 for the pursuit of Medicine. Ariana said she would rather auction her virginity for money to studying abroad than lose it to a guy that would later break her heart





Another,Elizabeth Raine 28 a medical student auctioned her virginity online some days ago and with the bidding almost over, she recently added new pictures that show her entire face and added some details about herself. They include her somewhat funny and distinguishing belly button, her degrees in biology and engineering, plans to receive both an M.D. and a Ph.D., being raised in Saudi Arabia and her mother’s death in a plane crash when she was 10.Through extensive writing on her website and blog she explains that she believes this action, which she is doing partially because of the financial benefit, is right for her and she asks skeptics of her plan not to judge her.The woman said she has never judged anyone for his or her sexual activities — well, except for rapists and pedophiles — and writes she understands peoples’ views who think prostitution is morally wrong and should be illegal, though she said she does not think those people have a right force it onto her.

She said virginity loss is a commonplace physical experience and, “ideally, virginity should not be valued, and definitely not at its current rate,” though a woman has the right to place her own value on her virginity.The bidding reaching a whooping $800,000…Whatsup with Studying Medicine and virginity some will ask!!Drop your comments


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